LSFRS Final Research Reports

Due Date: May 8th, 2020



Abstract: 100-250 words

Keywords: Include 2 to 5 key terms.

Article: 1000-2500 words (2-5 Pages)

Sections: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results (or Progress to Date*), Discussion, and Literature Cited

*: For projects that do not have results, have very limited results, or have results that mentors consider proprietary (editors of journals DO NOT consider data in publications of this type to be “prior publication” or “previously published”) a description of accomplishments and evidence for why this is the beginning of a contribution should substitute Progress to Date for Results.  Progress might include descriptions of your apparatus, field sites, tissues cultured, histological slides prepared, or plasmids engineered.

Authorship: The LSFRS student must be first author, and the mentor must be last author.  Other authors should be listed in whatever order the student and mentor see fit.  Include an address line with email addresses for the authors.

References: Journal Ecology style

Tables and Figures

You must reference all tables and figures with in-text callouts, i.e. “(Figure 1).”  You should never use the table or figure in-text as a noun in the sentence—each is a bit of supporting evidence for the claims you make. 

Figures and tables all must have captions consisting of complete sentences describing their contents.  Describe any variables or other aspects of the table or figure so that your reader can understand how to interpret the information.  Also, describe the overall findings reflected in the tables or figures.  For figures and tables from other publications or sources, cite the sources and provide copyright permissions.  If a researcher provided a photograph, include the photographer’s name in the caption.

Tables and figures should never have titles.  Include units: in tables, include the units with the column headers or with the data; on graphs, label each axis with the units you use.

For multiple graphs, photographs, etc., with the same basic theme, strongly consider grouping the items together.  To do so, provide letters for sub-figures, i.e.:


Submission Requirements

Mentor Approval: Turn in a signed cover page or a signed copy of an email approving your final report.  Either of these documents must be signed by your faculty mentor and not a graduate student, technician, postdoc, or other lab member.

Submit your final manuscript at the link here