Microbiology Lab 2132


MICR 2132 provides students with an entry-level opportunity to learn fundamental techniques in microbiology in a fully hands-on laboratory course. Students will learn to isolate pure bacterial strains from environmental isolates, and each student will examine a bacterial strain that they isolate using a range of microscopic and microbial approaches. In a parallel effort, for which students in this course do not need to do any additional work, all of the bacterial strains isolated by students taking MICR 2132 are sent out to an OSU core facility for screening to determine which of these bacterial isolates represent novel strains that are interesting for further studies. The most exciting isolates are selected for whole genome sequencing, and the resulting genomes will be available for bioinformatic analysis by students enrolled in MICR 4543 Microbial Genomics and Bioinformatics.



Micro poster   2016 Research Week event Farzaneh 2