JIBI Publication Student Boards

The Editorial Board for the Journal of Introductory Biology (JIBI) is currently looking for student to assist with publications for the Fall 2016-Spring 2017 year. This is a volunteer position, but we hope to reward you with $25-$100 as a token of appreciation for your services (pending on available funds and OSU approval).

Current positions available are:

  • JIBI Copy Editor: The members of the JIBI staff will assist in converting accepted manuscripts into published articles by working via email with authors and the editor and through manipulating the document in MSWord.
  • JIBI Review Board: This board will help…
    • Determine the final suitability of articles that reviewers recommend for publishing by examining the criteria established by the journal
    • Make recommendations on the suitability of manuscripts for publications in cases when the final articles have received excellent reviews but not entirely met the criteria for publication based on all reviewers’ ratings or the authors have requested consideration having made additional changes after the final review.

Benefits to participating include:

  • Recognition on journal pages
  • Adding to your resume or curriculum vita
  • Developing further professional/scientific/writing/editing skills
  • Gaining further scientific knowledge
  • Opportunities for networking with undergraduates and faculty in the life-sciences
  • Earning service hours (if it meets the criteria for the organization or entity – optional)
  • Earn credits for ZOOL 3700 or 4700 (optional and requires approval of a Faculty member and advisor). 


Skills required for either position:

  • Attention to detail – a must!
  • Great communication skills
    • Must respond promptly to emails
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word

Student Expectations

This service will require approximately 2-4 hours per week plus one monthly meeting with all board members.

The option to continue in future semesters will be contingent on performance and participation.