Life Science Freshman Research Scholars Program

Q: How many scholars are selected per year? 

A: We will select approximately 32 applicants per academic year. 

Q: What are the requirements to receive the scholarship?

A: Students must :
   --Be enrolled in our introduction To Research course (A&S 2000), identify a research project and submit a proposal. 
   --Conduct research with an approved mentor and submit a signed mentor agreement.
   --Present a poster at an approved symposium or colloqium
   --Provide a final report (manuscript format)
   --Remain in an eligible life science major
   --Maintain a 3.0 institutional GPA in at least 12 credits per semester

   --OPTIONAL: Register for 1-2 Research Credits in a departmentally-designated, Independent Research course

Q: When is the LSFRS Research (A&S 2000) course available?

A: For the Fall 2019 semester, the course is 12 weeks, starting September 17th. The time for this course are: 

   -- Tuesdays | 2:30PM - 4:20PM | 

Q: How is the scholarship distributed?

A: Half of your scholarship ($500) is deposited directly into your bursar account at the end of the fall semester once your proposal has been submitted and you have met all appropriate criteria. The other half is disbursed at the end of the Spring semester once you have satisfied all the program requirements listed above.  

Q: Am I required to work with a faculty member in my major?

A: NO, you can work with any faculty member in one of the approved Life Science departments.

Q: How many hours shsould I devote to the program? 

A: You should plan to devote 2-4 hours of research per week unless otherwise agreed upon by you and your mentor. 

Q: Can I work under the supervision of a graduate student mentor?

A: Yes, you can work with a graduate student so long as their faculty advisor has agreed to the arrangement and will serve as your official faculty mentor.

Q: What if I have trouble finding a mentor?

A: Explore some some of the major university research initiatives or see available research mentors to find out if you can join an existing project. You can also contact your advisor or a member of the OSU-HHMI Team at . 

Q: What happens if I don't submit the Mentor-Student Agreement?

A: You will not receive the first half of your scholarship ($500). 

Q: What happens if I do not present a poster?

A: You will not receive the second part of your scholarship ($500). 

Q: What if I am unavailable to attend the LSFRS Symposium? 

A: We keep a database of available conferences & meetings that you could potentially present at here - talk to your mentor on what event, if any, would be appropriate for you and your project. If you are unable to attend any event, we will have the option for you to present in front of a small panel.

Q: What if my GPA does not meet the minimum requirement at the end of the semester?

A: If you think one of your classes will become an issue, please communicate with us as soon as possible to discuss tutoring options and/or resources to assist you. We want to make sure to catch issues early so we can help you! If you have received help and were still unable to meet the minimum requirement, you can submit an explanation or letter of appeal to:

Q: What do I do if I haven't completed any research or my results aren't complete?

A: That's okay! You can still present your methodology and anticipated results at your designated symposium, explaining as much of your research as possible.

Q: Do I need to complete any outside training for this project?

A: Yes. Talk to your mentor about what training you will need for your research. You can find links for all training modules here:

Q: Will there be any events outside of class to help with my research?

A: Yes! We will have different development opportunities for you throughout the school year. These include: 
       --LSFRS Meets with your fellow researchers 
       --Outreach program meetings such as TriBeta (National Biological Honor Society) and SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science) that allow sense of community and assistance among fellow STEM students
       --Practice workshops to work on research posters, CVs and presentations
       --Various OSU events such as Research Week and campus symposiums that will allow students to view other research projects, posters, how to present, etc. 

Q: Will there be other opportunities to get more scholarships/awards with this program? 

A: YES! We offer monetary awards to the top three presenters at our LSFRS Poster Symposium, as well as the opportunity to win a travel scholarship for a regional or national conference of you and your mentor's choosing. 

Q: Who do I contact if I have a concern about my classes or the research project?

A:  Please contact our OSU-HHMI Team at the info below with any questions or inquiries: 
     Phone: 405.744.5664

    Or visit our Program Coordinator, Coral Rewasiewicz, in 206 LSW.